Burst Real-Time Commercial™

Instantly get mobile video from the device into a new, innovative :30 commercial spot for Broadcast & OTT within minutes of the event.

Mobile Video to Broadcast & Digital, Instantly

What is a Real-Time Commercial?

Burst Real Time Commercial is a packaged solution that incorporates BOTV with world-class production support and deep customer service from Burst’s in-house team of video professionals who are solely dedicated to ensure customer success.

For the first time, producers, editors and marketers can pull video from any mobile device and easily integrate that content into fresh and relevant ads that are keyed to a live broadcast for TV, OTT and digital applications.


How does a Real-Time Commercial work?

When an advertiser purchases broadcast time, Burst will use its proprietary video algorithms to search Burst “bubbles” – containers of video content uploaded to the Burst environment – for video clips relevant to the event and appropriate to the advertiser’s needs. Those clips are reviewed and selected by a team of Burst video pros and broadcast production staff and quickly incorporated into an upcoming Real Time Commercial for broadcast, digital or OTT delivery. Alternately, advertisers and broadcasters can solicit viewers to upload user-generated video to Burst directly during a broadcast. the user-generated content into a Real Time Commercial.


Trying to reduce production costs while finding new revenue streams?

Burst can INSTANTLY get mobile video from the mobile phone into a new, innovative 30-second commercial spot for Broadcast & OTT within minutes of the live event. Our advanced mobile video algorithms detect compelling content and stage it for insertion into a new commercial spot not otherwise possible without Burst. This represents new advertising inventory for the Broadcaster and a new, innovative way for Brands to connect with with fans.


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