Ad Sales Leaders

Frustrated that you don’t have enough video inventory and sponsorships to sell? Double your inventory with Burst's mobile video solution.

Mobile Video to Broadcast & Digital, Instantly

Can Burst help me sell more?

Yes! Any more questions? In all seriousness, we get you, the Sales Leader. You want to know you can sell more and ensure what you sell is successful for the brand so they in-turn, buy more. User Generated Content (UGC) is the most engaging form of content you as a broadcaster can use. As a result, Brands get closer to their audience maximizing the sales opportunity. In addition, Burst's platform makes it easy for media companies to curate only compelling content that brands want. 

Does Burst add new inventory?

Ad Sales Leaders like you need more inventory. Video is often over-sold and Burst is an instant solution to that problem. New, compelling inventory will increase your CPM's and attract new brands for sponsorships on Broadcast, Digital and OTT. The creation, consumption and distribution of new inventory is instant, painless and compelling.  

Can Burst create an entirely new category to sell?

Ad Sales Leaders like you are always asking us for new, innovative ways to attract incremental ad buys and incremental sponsorships. The days of the 30-second ad spot or display advertisements are quickly disappearing. You need to fill that gap as a media company whether you are Broadcaster or a Publisher. Burst provides an entirely new category of content and therefore it attracts incremental advertising and sponsorships.  

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