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Fox Sports Australia

Fox Sports Australia, Capturing real-time highlights from the Sydney Derby football fans and getting them on TV

Fox Sports Australia: Crowdsourcing Content, Engaging Fans, and Broadcasting to TV

Fox Sports Australia is working with Burst to acquire and curate content for their live TV broadcasts for football, Australian rules football, and rugby. In addition to driving engagement, they source unique, authentic content from the dedicated fans that follow the games, and the participating teams.

Fox Sports promotes the program across all platforms with specific calls to action (CTAs) for TV, digital and social media. Fans are incentivized to contribute videos to be a part of the live broadcast on TV as well as in-venue.


NESN, Crowdsourcing Content, Engaging Fans, and Broadcasting to TV

With Burst, NESN has enabled the Red Sox to become the first major sports team to incorporate video reactions from their dedicated fans into a broadcast in near real-time. Red Sox Nation does more than just watch games; they can upload videos and see themselves become part of the live broadcast. Jerry Remy and the Red Sox broadcasters, promote the simple, rights-managed experience during the game and highlight the simplicity of the Burst experience: simply send a shortcode text and you're ready to upload videos. No app required.

Breeders' Cup

Breeders' Cup, Crowdsourcing Content, Broadcasting to All Screens

Breeders’ Cup is working with Burst to acquire and curate content for the Challenge Series and the seven associated NBC Broadcasts.
They will leverage their own content curators plus ALL of the fans that are part of the event(s) onsite, on the couch, anywhere and everywhere, to crowdsource videos. These videos and photos are then used on the broadcasts, web sites, social media channels, and in-venue video boards.

“Burst is the perfect weapon in any arsenal for sponsorship and revenue opportunities - mobile to broadcast.”

“User generated content is where it is at and where it is going to be for a long time. Burst provides us with the technology and platform to help us execute our content strategy in a smart way.”
Peter Rotondo
VP of Media & Entertainment Breeders' Cup

TSN Canada

TSN Canada, Building fan engagement and creating new sponsor inventory for broadcast, digital, and social media promotions.

TSN has partnered with Mark’s, a Canadian retailer, for the CFL FAN CAM. Fans are contributing videos and photos using the customized Burst UGC link right from the TSN Go App. An Admin is reviewing the content and then using the videos to create Fan Cam highlights to present on the halftime and post game shows.
The campaign started on Labor day and runs through the playoffs and culminates with the Grey Cup. “The fans are having a lot of fun and Mark’s has created a way to be at the CFL games with their customers."


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